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Graphic Designer UNCAGED: Patrick Burnett


Patrick Burnett, a native Arkansan, born in Hot Springs, raised in Central Arkansas, is a self-taught graphic designer, photographer and multi-instrumentalist musician with over 20 years professional experience.


“I have a strong love of the outdoors. I love sailing the lakes, hiking the mountains and visiting the small, quaint towns scattered about the Northwest and North Central portions of the state. As a family, we love boating & camping throughout the state regularly!


As a professional graphic designer since 1993, I’ve worked primarily in advertising. After working for several noted design studios and advertising agencies as an award-winning art director, I operated my first design studio in Downtown Little Rock from 1999-2006 offering graphic design, advertising/marketing, studio & location photography and web design & programming.


I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue the work I started with Uncaged Creative after working for a local publishing company as Creative Director from 2006-2014. I often said, as much as I enjoyed working for the company — a former client of my own studio — I felt like a “caged bird” and longed to spread my wings again. Hence, the name Uncaged Creative!


Happily married to my high school sweetheart, Stacey, we married after a 22 year absence and a mutual friend brought us back together in 2008, we are raising her two girls, both teenagers now. I’d like to say they keep me young but they would both tell you that I am a perpetual youthful spirit, a music aficionado and a cultural ambassador to the family!


Although I work in many graphic/communication mediums professionally, my heart will always be in music. I’ve been playing guitar since 1984, many other instruments (piano, bass, accordion, ukulele, strumstick, tin whistle and some percussion) and I enjoy playing at home and with friends.”


Evolutionary Brand Design


I’ve long believed that a brand, a logo, an identity of a company isn’t something revolutionary, but something cultivated and allowed to evolve over time. As an example of this, I wanted to share with you the path of my company logo as it has grown over a short time.Uncaged 2014 logo design


Last June, I started an “inkling” of an idea for a new company called  “UNCAGEDcreative”. It started as a pixelated bird, already evolutionary in it’s own concept demonstrating “space-to-be”, slightly blurry as if it was just coming into being. It looked like this: (right)



Then, four months later, it evolved into a fully drawn “tattoo” style swallow bird that is is ACTUALLY tattooed on my right forearm. Something I designed in 2008 before having a tattoo artist permanently Uncaged 2014 logo designengrave it on my body. I chose the swallow based on it’s long and storied use by sailors-of-old as a way of showing trustworthiness & loyalty. As the lore goes, the sailors would tattoo this to their bodies each time they took a payload across the equator and returned to their home port, much the way a swallow does each season. It made sense to me to embolden my own body with this mark as a way of telling every onlooking “HEY, I’m a trustworthy kinda guy!”
That design looked like this: (left)



That concept has led me to the current evolution you see below. A more refined and stable version. It still incorporates the bird-in-flight, as much a mark of freedom as it is a mark of reliability, but silhouetted into the name, branded, if you will. I feel this is the strongest version of my brand that I have come up with yet. I think it embodies all that has come before it in symbolism but yet has the definition and transformation that I, personally, have gone through while starting, running and growing my little UNCAGED company.



Uncaged 2015 logo design

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