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If your marketing message is getting lost,
maybe it’s time to UNCAGE it!

UNCAGEDcreative is a full-service design company, created by Patrick Burnett, offering marketing, media, creative graphic design, website design and photography. As a company of one, I’m agile and resourceful.  Offering a comprehensive skill set based in graphic design and marketing from a 20+ year career, I know I can help.


UNCAGED clients say
the nicest things!

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Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.




Regardless, it’s a statement that is meant to make you think and make you do a double-take. Life can be like that, especially when you’re living “uncaged”, as I am — just when you think there isn’t a solution to the problem (be it a website, logo, design, perils of raising teenagers, etc.), if you just turn it on its ear and look at it sideways or from another, even rediculous, perspective, you might just find the answer you seek!


So, 2016 starts with a bang and we’re off and running, ready to get started on your next big “problem”, whatever that may be, UNCAGEDcreative is ready to find the solution AND finding one that is not necessarily the norm, off-kilter, even, is preferred!


A quote that REALLY is from Douglas Adams that I believe and follow daily sums it up:
“I seldom end up where I want to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.”


Let UNCAGEDcreative help take you where you need to be!

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